Tragedy Unfolds: Bengaluru CEO Mother Accused of Murdering 4-Year-Old Son in Goa

Bengaluru CEO Suchana Seth

In a shocking turn of events, an investigation by Goa Police revealed a horrifying crime committed by Suchana Seth, the 39-year-old CEO of a Bengaluru-based Artificial Intelligence startup. Allegedly, she administered a high dose of cough syrup to her 4-year-old son before strangling him to death in a Goa service apartment.

The Goa Police discovered two empty bottles of cough syrup in the room where the accused stayed for two nights and committed the crime. According to police sources, after making her child consume a higher dosage of syrup, Seth smothered him with a pillow. The child showed no signs of struggle as he was reportedly in a state of dizziness due to the medication.

Hotel staff confirmed that Seth had claimed to have a cough, obtaining the cough syrup bottles during her stay. The police are awaiting the post-mortem report, but doctors have already confirmed that the cause of the child’s death was suffocation.

Suchana Seth was taken to the Goa Medical College and Hospital for medical evaluation, and the police issued a notice to her former husband, Venkataramana, to appear for questioning. The investigation has taken a twist, with authorities suspecting premeditation on the part of the accused.

Reports suggest that Seth may have been planning the crime for an extended period. A social media post on October 10, 2023, featuring a picture of her son with the hashtag “What will happen to him?” has raised suspicions of pre-planning.

The child’s father, Venkataramana, who arrived from Jakarta in Indonesia to meet his son, had brought toys and new clothes for him. However, Seth had taken the child to Goa, and multiple attempts by Venkataramana to contact her went unanswered.

Seth claimed that she tried to render her son unconscious to prevent him from talking to his father over a video call. She asserted that she attempted suicide afterward but failed. Unable to cope with the situation, she allegedly stuffed the child’s body into a suitcase and checked out of the hotel.

Further investigation revealed that the deceased boy had spoken to his father over a video call on Sunday. Seth confessed that she did not want her son to communicate with his father at all, leading to the tragic incident.

Preliminary findings suggest that Seth committed the crime to deny her ex-husband access to the child, despite a court granting him visitation rights. Goa Police, in collaboration with Karnataka authorities, arrested Seth after blood stains were discovered in the hotel room.

The gruesome discovery was made when housekeeping staff found blood stains, prompting the hotel to contact the police. The Goa Police intercepted the accused as she was boarding a taxi bound for Bengaluru, leading to the discovery of the child’s body in the suitcase.

Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has instructed the police to thoroughly investigate the case, and the authorities are awaiting the results of the ongoing investigation and medical evaluation. The tragic incident has left the community in shock, prompting discussions about the importance of mental health awareness and support.

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