Start-up CEO Allegedly Murders 4-Year-Old Son in Goa; Pre-planned Crime Suspected

In a shocking incident, the CEO of a start-up, Suchana Seth, has been arrested in connection with the alleged murder of her four-year-old son in their apartment in Candolim, Goa. The Goa police, who apprehended Seth in Chitradurga, Karnataka, suspect a pre-planned murder as two empty bottles of cough syrup were found in the room where the crime took place.

The child’s father, Venkat Raman, who was in Jakarta, reached Hiriyur in Chitradurga on Tuesday night and took possession of his son’s body after the completion of the postmortem.

Startup CEO son’s murder appears pre-planned, empty cough syrup bottles in found her room: Police

Officials revealed that the postmortem indicated the child was smothered to death, either with a cloth or a pillow. Further investigation suggested a possible involvement of a heavy dose of cough syrup, as two empty bottles, one large and another small, were discovered in the service apartment room.

During the inspection of the crime scene, a senior police officer stated, “It looks like a pre-planned murder.” The woman allegedly asked the service apartment staff to buy a small bottle of cough syrup, claiming she had a cough. The bigger bottle, presumed to have been carried by her, adds to the suspicion of premeditation.

Police sources reported that the accused, Suchana Seth, denied her involvement during the interrogation, claiming the child was already dead when she woke up. However, authorities remain skeptical of her statements and are pursuing further investigation.

“We don’t buy her theory. Further investigation will reveal the motive behind killing the child. As of now, we know that she and her husband were estranged because of which she might have done this,” a senior police official commented.

Seth, the CEO of ‘The Mindful AI Lab,’ was in police custody for six days after being remanded by a court in Mapusa town of Goa. Her LinkedIn profile portrays her as an AI ethics expert and data scientist with over 12 years of experience in mentoring data science teams and scaling machine learning solutions at startups and industry research labs.

The tragic incident has left the community in shock, prompting authorities to delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding the alleged murder of the young child and the motive behind this disturbing crime.

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