Swedish government toppled in no confidence vote

[ad_1] Sweden's Left party called for the no-confidence vote last week amid a row over proposals to end a rent cap on new-build flats. Although Mr Lofven's party does not support the measure, it had agreed to consider the plans...

Up to 10,000 fans at Tokyo 2020 events

[ad_1] The Olympics are scheduled to begin on 23 July, while the Paralympics follow a month later, from 24 AugustUp to 10,000 Japanese fans will be permitted at venues at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.Fans from overseas had already been banned...

France regional election: Macron and Le Pen fail to make ground – exit poll

[ad_1] Early results indicate both parties have failed to make ground in France's regional elections. Crime Today News | World [ad_2] Source

Ethiopia elections 2021: Abiy Ahmed faces first vote amid conflict

[ad_1] His reformist zeal saw him win the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, but just a year later, he waged a military operation in his own country - deploying troops to Tigray to oust the TPLF as the region's ruling party...

Barnaby Joyce named Australia deputy PM after leadership contest

[ad_1] Barnaby Joyce's return as deputy prime minister could impact Australia's climate change policies. Crime Today News | World [ad_2] Source

Armenia election: PM Nikol Pashinyan claims victory

[ad_1] The snap election was called in the wake of the country's defeat in a conflict with Azerbaijan. Crime Today News | World [ad_2] Source

Birtukan Mideksa: Ethiopia’s electoral board chairperson

[ad_1] Restless for change, Ms Birtukan moved back into politics, playing a key role in the formation of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) to present a united front against the EPRDF in the 2005 parliamentary election, which was...

US warship tested with 40,000lb explosive

[ad_1] The United States Navy has been carrying out 'Full Ship Shock Trials' off the country's east coast. The 40,000lb (18,143kg) explosion was detonated as part of a test to assess the aircraft carrier, USS Gerald R. Ford's ability to...

South Africa gems that sparked rush are quartz not diamonds

[ad_1] Thousands of people rushed to KwaHlathi village after a man found what turns out to be quartz. Crime Today News | World [ad_2] Source

One dead after driver crashes into Florida Pride parade

[ad_1] The motive of the driver - who hit two people at the Fort Lauderdale event - is unknown. Crime Today News | World [ad_2] Source
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