Upasana Konidela institutes Apollo hospital services in Ayodhya


Under the far-sighted directorship of Dr. Pratap C. Reddy and his granddaughter, Upasana Konidela has instituted Apollo Healthcare Sevices, a futuristic Emergency Care Centre in Ayodhya. This act is an evidence to Dr Reddy’s decision to conciliate, inspired by Sanatan Dharma and targets to furnish immediate and fundamental care to crusaders visiting Ram Lala.

By virtue of this spirit, the honourable chief minister of the state, Yogi Adityanath launched the Hindi version of ‘The Apollo Story’, which portrays the inspiring journey of Pratap C Reddy in healthcare and underlines the family’s persistent affirmation to enhancing lives. The Apollo team surmises that the Emergency Care Center will not only take care of emergency health needs of the community but also remains as a bright spot.


Apollo Healthcare Services strengthens its striving to making quality healthcare available to everyone, stimulating its mission to make a significant footprint on community fortune, through the launch of the Emergency Care Center in the holy city. In her latest interview, Upasana spoke, “I come from the legacy of healthcare and my husband comes from the legacy of entertainment. They have to respect the legacy and they don’t have to achieve an ultimate success, or follow in the same field, but they have to work hard for whatever they do”, Upasana concluded her statements, talking about her husband and child.

Last year, the Mega couple Ram Charan and Upasana gave birth to their little princess and named her Klin Kaara.

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