UAE Announces Exemptions from Fines for Late Emirates ID Card Renewals

Emirates ID Card Renewals

In a recent announcement, the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) in Abu Dhabi has unveiled three specific categories of individuals who will be exempted from fines associated with the late renewal of the Emirates ID card. The Emirates ID card is a mandatory document for residents in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), serving as proof of identity and residency. Failure to renew the card within 30 days of its expiration can result in fines of up to Dirhams 1,000 (Rs 22,636).

According to information shared with X, the ICP has outlined the following categories that qualify for exemptions:

  1. Individuals Outside the UAE for Three Months: Those who have not been in the UAE for three months and whose ID card expired after their departure from the country.
  2. Deported Individuals: Individuals with expired identity cards who have been deported by court or administrative decisions, or those with seized passports pending cases. This can be proven by providing a letter or receipt from the authorities.
  3. New Citizens without Previous ID Cards: Individuals who did not possess an ID card before obtaining Emirati citizenship and acquiring the family book.

To avail of the exemption, eligible individuals can follow these steps:

1. Apply for Exemption: The process of applying for an exemption from the Emirates ID late renewal fee is free of charge.

2. Submission of Renewal Request: Initiate the exemption request process by submitting a request for ID card renewal through approved printing offices, the authority’s official website, or a smart application.

3. Fee Clarification: The fees associated with the UAE ID card, including any delay penalties, will be clearly communicated to the customer during the application process.

4. Document Upload: Upload the required documents necessary for processing the exemption request and monitor the progress of the application.

5. Application Follow-Up: Receive the application result, whether approved or refused and proceed with the completion of the ID card renewal application.

This announcement aims to provide clarity and assistance to individuals facing circumstances that may have hindered their ability to renew their Emirates ID cards on time. By offering exemptions for specific situations, the ICP seeks to ensure fairness and accessibility in the renewal process for all residents in the UAE.


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