Tensions Escalate as Haryana Police Clash with Farmers’ ‘Chalo Delhi’ Protest March at Shambhu Border

Haryana Police Clash with Farmers

In a dramatic escalation of tensions, the Haryana Police clashed with a group of youth participating in the farmers’ ‘Chalo Delhi’ protest march at the Shambhu border in Ambala on Tuesday, 13th February. The confrontations erupted when the youth attempted to breach barricades set up by the authorities.

Despite repeated appeals by the Haryana Police to refrain from breaking the barricades, a significant number of youth persisted, standing firm and even mounting the barricades, according to officials present at the scene.

The situation took a more intense turn when a group of youth succeeded in breaking through an iron barricade and attempted to hurl it off the Ghaggar River bridge. Responding swiftly, the police resorted to firing multiple rounds of tear gas shells in a bid to disperse the crowd and restore order. Notably, authorities also deployed a drone to drop tear gas shells later in the confrontation.

The clash unfolded as farmers commenced their ‘Delhi Chalo’ march earlier in the day, intending to amplify pressure on the government to address their demands. Talks between farmers and two Union ministers had previously failed to yield a resolution, with farmers advocating for a legal guarantee on Minimum Support Price (MSP) for crops among their key demands.

Both the Samyukta Kisan Morcha (Non-Political) and the Kisan Mazdoor Morcha have reiterated their commitment to the protest, emphasizing their determination to march to Delhi and compel the central government to accede to their demands, including the enactment of legislation ensuring MSP for crops.

The clash at the Shambhu border underscores the deepening unrest and frustration among farmers, who have been protesting for months against agricultural reforms they believe will undermine their livelihoods. As tensions continue to simmer, the standoff between authorities and protesters remains a critical flashpoint in the ongoing farmers’ agitation, with the potential for further escalation unless a resolution is reached.

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