Telangana Police SHE Team Champions Safety and Equality on National Girl Child Day

Telangana Police SHE Team

National Girl Child Day was commemorated with fervor and commitment as the Telangana Police SHE Teams organized impactful awareness programs at schools across Hyderabad. This initiative aimed to empower and uplift the girl child, fostering discussions about the challenges they face and collective solutions. Students from various schools actively participated in the awareness programs, showcasing their dedication and enthusiasm.

The SHE Teams’ Assistant Commissioner of Police and Inspector played pivotal roles in spreading powerful messages about the importance of gender equality, the education of girls, and the need for a secure and encouraging environment for every girl to succeed.

What is the SHE Team? The SHE Team initiative was launched in Hyderabad on October 24, 2014, and within a year, it was expanded to every district in Telangana. Currently, 331 SHE Teams are actively working in the state. Additionally, there is a center for the development and empowerment of women, providing individual, couple, and family counseling, awareness and training programs, as well as referral services such as police protection, legal assistance, and shelter.

Why Celebrate National Girl Child Day? National Girl Child Day serves as a focal point for advocacy and action in a society where every individual, irrespective of gender, should be valued for their power and potential. Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the significance of celebrating the achievements of girls who break barriers and defy prejudices, asserting that they are change-makers contributing to a better nation and society.

“It’s not just about celebrating victories; we must recommit ourselves to the continuous pursuit of justice, equality, and empowerment for all girls,” said Prime Minister Modi. National Girl Child Day underscores the importance of building a society where girls can thrive without hindrance, fostering a world that cherishes and upholds its female population and is thriving in empathy, fortitude, and limitless opportunities.

The efforts of the Telangana Police SHE Teams in organizing awareness programs reflect a collective commitment to nurturing an environment where every girl can realize her potential and contribute to the progress of society. As we celebrate National Girl Child Day, it serves as a reminder to continue working towards a world where every girl’s dreams and aspirations are valued and supported.

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