Tahsildar Caught Red-Handed in Bribery Scandal

Tahsildar Caught Red-Handed

In a startling development, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) sleuths have apprehended Thodeti Satyanarayana, the Tahsildar of Shamirpet mandal, as he was caught red-handed accepting a hefty bribe of Rs. 10 lakh. The bribe was allegedly facilitated through his driver, Bhadri, in exchange for expediting official procedures.

According to ACB sources, Satyanarayana had demanded a substantial sum from Movva Ramaseshagiri Rao, a resident of Gachibowli, purportedly to expedite the process of issuing a pattadar passbook. This demand for a bribe of such magnitude has once again highlighted the pervasive issue of corruption within bureaucratic circles.

“The bribe amount of Rs. 10 lakh was accepted by Bhadri, the driver of Satyanarayana, under the direction of the Tahsildar himself. ACB officials swiftly intervened and recovered the entire amount from Bhadri. Notably, both of Bhadri’s hands tested positive in the phenolphthalein test, further corroborating the evidence against him,” stated an ACB official.

The brazenness of this act underscores the audacity with which certain public officials continue to engage in corrupt practices, despite ongoing efforts to combat such malfeasance. The ACB’s proactive measures in apprehending Satyanarayana and his accomplice serve as a stark warning to those who seek to abuse their positions for personal gain.

The investigation into this case is currently underway, with authorities committed to uncovering any additional instances of corruption or collusion. The incident serves as a reminder of the critical importance of vigilance and accountability in upholding the integrity of public service.

As the nation grapples with the scourge of corruption, this latest revelation underscores the imperative for stringent enforcement mechanisms and a concerted effort to root out systemic corruption at all levels of governance. Only through unwavering commitment to transparency and ethical conduct can the trust of the public be restored in the institutions meant to serve them.


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