Record-breaking Year: Mumbai Airport Witnesses 35% Surge in Passenger Traffic in 2023

Mumbai Airport

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) in Mumbai has reported an exceptional 35% surge in passenger traffic in 2023, marking the highest-ever recorded figures compared to the preceding year. The airport welcomed a staggering 51.58 million passengers, with over 25.4 million arrivals and more than 26.1 million departures, according to an official release.

The calendar year 2023 proved to be a remarkable one for the Indian aviation industry, with November and December standing out as extraordinary months for CSMIA. On November 25, the airport witnessed its highest daily passenger traffic movement, with 167,132 passengers, including over 120,000 domestic and more than 46,000 international passengers.

November 11, 2023, marked another milestone for CSMIA, achieving its highest-ever single-day Air Traffic Movements (ATMs) with an impressive total of 1,032 ATMs. December 2023 saw the airport reaching its highest-ever monthly traffic, recording 4.89 million passengers and experiencing a 13% growth compared to December 2022.

In an outstanding recovery from the pandemic, CSMIA observed a remarkable 110% increase in passenger traffic in 2023 compared to the pre-pandemic era. The top domestic destinations for CSMIA in 2023 remained Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai, while Dubai, London, and Abu Dhabi maintained their positions as the preferred international choices.

Leading the domestic market share were airlines IndiGo, Vistara, and Air India, while on the international front, IndiGo, Air India, and Emirates continued to hold their leading positions.

CSMIA expanded its global connectivity in 2023, adding destinations like New York, Lagos, Jakarta, Entebbe, and Melbourne to its roster. Frequency additions to destinations such as Bangkok, Frankfurt, London, Doha, and Mauritius, along with Azerbaijan Airlines (Baku) and Air Canada (Toronto) reinstating operations, contributed to an enhanced and diverse travel network.

Reflecting its global connectivity, CSMIA noted passenger traffic to and from diverse continents, with the Middle East dominating with a robust 35% share. Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL) is managed by Adani Airport Holdings Limited (AAHL), a subsidiary of Adani Enterprises.

Meanwhile, according to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), domestic airlines carried 15.2 crore passengers in 2023, a significant increase from 12.32 crore in 2022, registering an annual growth of 23.36%. The aviation sector’s positive trajectory underscores the resilience and recovery of the industry amid challenging times.

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