Ram Charan announces co-ownership of Hyderabad team in ISPL T10

Renowned global star Ram Charan has officially joined the ranks of team owners in the Indian Street Premier League T10 (ISPL-T10), as he proudly takes on co-ownership of the Hyderabad team. The highly anticipated T10 cricket tournament promises to be a thrilling addition to the cricketing landscape, with fans eagerly anticipating Ram Charan’s enthusiastic involvement.

Ram Charan announces co-ownership of Hyderabad team in ISPL T10

In a statement released earlier today, the charismatic actor expressed his excitement about this new venture, calling on fans to join him in the exciting journey. “Join hands with me to co-own my team Hyderabad in the Indian Street Premier League. Let’s turn aspirations into achievements and write a story of victory together! Apply Now at ispl-t10.com,” Ram Charan said.

The announcement of Ram Charan’s entry into the league has sparked a wave of anticipation among cricket enthusiasts, as they eagerly await the unfolding of this captivating chapter in the world of T10 cricket. Known for his dynamic presence and passion for various projects, Ram Charan’s involvement is expected to elevate the competition and fan engagement to unprecedented levels.

The ISPL-T10 is gearing up to be a fast-paced and riveting cricket tournament, featuring some of the best talent in the game in a condensed and action-packed format. With the addition of a globally acclaimed personality like Ram Charan as a team owner, the league is poised to attract a wider audience and create new dimensions in the cricketing arena.

As the co-owner of the Hyderabad team, Ram Charan’s strategic insights and enthusiastic support are likely to contribute significantly to the success of the franchise. Fans can expect a unique blend of entertainment, sportsmanship, and star power as the Hyderabad team takes on competitors in the inaugural season of ISPL-T10.

Stay tuned for more updates on Ram Charan’s exciting journey in the ISPL-T10, as well as other projects the global star has in store. Cricket enthusiasts and fans alike can expect a season filled with unforgettable moments, fierce competition, and the glamour that comes with the involvement of a celebrated personality like Ram Charan in the world of T10 cricket.

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