Prominent Hyderabad-based Groups to Organize March for Constitutional Values and Communal Harmony

March for Constitutional Values and Communal Harmony

In an effort to uphold constitutional values, democracy, and communal harmony, two prominent platforms of concerned citizens and people’s organizations in Hyderabad, the Jana Gana Mana Abhiyan and Telangana for Peace and Unity, are gearing up to organize a march on Sunday, February 4. The march aims to foster awareness and promote the significance of preserving the Constitution and communal harmony in society.

Scheduled to commence at 4 p.m. from People’s Plaza, Necklace Road, the march will culminate at Dr. BR Ambedkar Statue, Tank Bund, around 6 p.m. Speaking to, one of the convenors emphasized the importance of such initiatives, stating, “We inspect the situation of our country, and based on that, we organize marches every year to spread awareness and to protect the constitution and communal harmony of our country.”

The convenor expressed concerns regarding potential attempts by certain political elements to incite communal tensions, particularly with the upcoming general elections on the horizon. Referencing recent incidents of violence in Mumbai and other places following the consecration ceremony of Ram Mandir, he stressed the need to safeguard Telangana from such unrest. He urged citizens to recognize the criticality of preserving constitutional values amidst rising communal rhetoric.

Highlighting the motive behind the march, he stated, “While many social activists are being troubled without any authentic reasons, we are initiating this march as a movement to oppose all the communal forces in Hyderabad. Last year, we launched a similar campaign in Hyderabad because some political leaders throughout India were spreading communal hate through their speeches.”

The march will feature the reading of the preamble of the constitution by speakers before the gathered crowd. Notable social activists Prof. G. Haragopal and Prof. Kodandaram are expected to participate in the event, underscoring the broad support for the cause of safeguarding constitutional values and communal harmony.

As Hyderabad prepares to witness this demonstration of solidarity and commitment to constitutional ideals, the march stands as a reminder of the collective responsibility to preserve the foundational principles of democracy and communal harmony in the face of emerging challenges.

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