Outrage Over Telangana Policewomen Dragging Student by Hair Sparks Calls for Action

Telangana Policewomen

A shocking video capturing two Telangana policewomen dragging a protesting female student by her hair while riding a bike has ignited a wave of condemnation, shedding light on concerns over police brutality. The distressing incident unfolded at the premises of Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU) in Rajendranagar, sparking outrage among citizens and officials alike.

The victim, identified as a female student affiliated with the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), sustained injuries to her hands and legs during the ordeal. Her protest was reportedly directed against the state government’s decision to allocate PJTSAU’s land for the construction of a new High Court complex.

BRS MLC K Kavitha was among the first to condemn the incident, calling upon the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to swiftly intervene and take stringent action against those responsible. In a statement, she expressed deep concern over the aggressive tactics employed by the Telangana police against a peaceful protester, emphasizing the need for accountability and an unequivocal apology from the authorities.

“The recent incident involving Telangana police is deeply concerning and absolutely unacceptable. Dragging a peaceful student protester and unleashing abrasive behavior on the protester raises serious questions about the need for such aggressive tactics by the police. This arrogant behavior demands an unconditional apology from the Telangana Police. Urging the Human Rights Commission to take swift and strict action against those involved. This behavior cannot become a norm and must be condemned by all alike,” she asserted.

Echoing the sentiments, AP BJP vice president Vishnu Vardhan Reddy criticized the Congress government for its handling of the situation and demanded immediate action from the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development.

“A female ABVP worker who was protesting against Telangana’s Congress gvt is dragged by the hair by police. Is this your Mohabbat ki dukan Mr @RahulGandhi?? I demand strict action against the culprits & request @MinistryWCD to interfere,” he voiced his concerns on social media.

The incident has reignited debates surrounding police conduct and the protection of citizens’ rights during protests. Calls for accountability and justice have intensified, with many urging authorities to ensure that such instances of excessive force are thoroughly investigated and addressed to prevent recurrence in the future.

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