Nyay Yatra: Rahul Gandhi Unveils Congress’s Five Pillars of Justice for National Strengthening

Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, during a press conference in Manipur on Tuesday, announced the party’s ambitious plan to provide justice, unveiling a comprehensive five-point blueprint named ‘Nyay’ (justice) that aims to strengthen the nation. Gandhi emphasized that the Nyay Yatra initiated in Manipur was a response to the state’s critical situation, and the party is committed to delivering justice to the people across the country.

Gandhi stated, “Our plan is to provide five ‘nyay’ (justice) to strengthen the country, and we will present it before you soon.” The five pillars of the Nyay blueprint are justice for the youth, women, farmers, laborers, and achieving equal participation in the nation’s progress.

Explaining the rationale behind the Nyay Yatra, Gandhi highlighted the party’s efforts to address the challenges faced by different states. “We went to Arunachal, Nagaland, now came to Assam. You see what is happening in Assam. But the idea behind the Nyay Yatra is to provide justice to people, and in it, we have five pillars, which will give strength to the country,” he said.

Gandhi elaborated on the five pillars of Nyay, which include youth justice, participatory justice, women justice, farmer justice, and labor justice. He assured that the party would present a detailed program for these pillars within the next one and a half months.

In a post on social media in Hindi, Gandhi reiterated the party’s commitment to justice. “Our ‘fight for justice’ has 5 pillars: youth Justice, participatory justice, women’s Justice, farmer justice and labour justice. These are those #PaanchNYAY who will become the strength of the country by becoming a fist. And, our Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra is a medium to present this alternative vision before the country.”

While Gandhi refrained from releasing a detailed blueprint, he assured the public that each concept of justice would have a proposal, an idea, and a program behind it. The former Congress chief emphasized the importance of equitable power-sharing and equal participation, particularly for marginalized communities like OBCs, Dalits, and tribals.

“We have ideas against the injustice and unfairness that happens against women, whether it is at the workplace or on the streets. We have ideas to solve the unemployment problem facing the youth. So the Congress party will tell you about that in some detail in the next month,” Gandhi concluded, hinting at upcoming announcements and initiatives from the party.


Author: Naveed Uddin Khan Uzair

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