Motorists in for daunting commute in Hyderabad

Potholes, worn-out speed breakers, and unfinished works raise the risk of accidents

Published Date – 24 May 2024, 10:25 PM

A dug-up stretch at Mehdipatnam poses a risk for daily commuters. — Photo: Surya Sridhar

Hyderabad: It took a woman to stage a sit-in protest to fix one of the thousands of potholes in the city. While swift response was accorded and part of the road was repaired in Nagole, there are several other life-threatening potholes and deteriorated roads in different parts of the city.

Constantly forced to adjust their driving, often swerving or slowing down to avoid accidents, driving here is taxing. Making commuting a tedious task are potholes, cracks, uneven surfaces, elevated or depressed manholes in the middle of the roads, worn-out speed breakers, narrow roads, and unfinished civic works.


With monsoon season just weeks away, motorists who already drive on city roads with anxious caution will now have to navigate with even more vigilance. Unfortunately, during and after heavy rains, all of these flaws on roads are covered with waterlogging, increasing the risk of accidents.

“The roads are actually bad in some areas and people also drive like that only. You have to concentrate a lot. Because there is a lot of gravel on some roads, the tires get worn out very quickly,” says Venkatesh, a resident of RTC X roads.


Unfinished road works at Mallepally Circle and Asif Nagar leave little space for motorists. — Photos: Surya Sridhar

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Moreover, multiple roads in parts of the city are affected by incomplete civil works. With contractors on strike, road repairs that were expected to be completed this month, have reportedly come to a standstill with no information on when the work will resume.

As the city gears up for monsoon, anticipating waterlogged roads and hours stuck in traffic, one cannot help but prepare for a bumpy ride ahead.

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