Hyderabad Police detain group claiming remote control technology manipulation

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This is not sci-fi fiction, these are the claims of a group who were detained by police on Wednesday in Hyderabad.

Published Date – 13 June 2024, 10:45 PM

Hyderabad: They call themselves the Targeted Individuals and claim that humans across the world were being remotely controlled using hazardous technology.

This is not sci-fi fiction, these are the claims of a group who were detained by police on Wednesday in Hyderabad.

Attempts to protest in front of the U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad’s office in Nanakramguda were foiled by police as they preemptively detained four individuals.

The group had planned a demonstration on Thursday at 11 am, for which they issued statements and invited the media.

However, the organisers themselves couldn’t reach the venue as they spent the following hours in the Gachibowli police station.

According to a statement released by one Tarun Ravi, Convenor of the group and a resident of Las Vegas, “Directed Energy Weapons are being used to remotely torture human beings all over the world in every country including America, Germany, and India with various symptoms.”

The American resident calls himself a victim, while the other three detained were also suggested to be NRIs.

He adds that blurred vision, microwave voice to skull (V2K), powerful itching, sleep prevention with sudden jolts, remote limb and muscle jerking, dream manipulation, and others are some of the symptoms that render victims powerless.

Several doctors and experts were also mentioned in his statement who supposedly backed these claims.

Confirming their detention, police officials said they were taken into preventive custody and were let off later in the evening, adding that no further attempts are expected from them. The US Consulate has not issued a statement in this regard yet.

A representative of the group informs that protest plans were dropped and they were only looking to submit a memorandum at the consulate. Calling neuroweapons an attack on their privacy, free will, and freedom, they sought to take them seriously and amplify their voices.

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