Massive 26 Billion Records Stolen in Historic Data Breach Dubbed “Mother of all Breaches”

Mother of all Breaches

In what is being hailed as the “Mother of all Breaches” (MOAB), cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a staggering data leak, potentially the largest to date, involving a whopping 26 billion records. The breach encompasses a wide array of sensitive information, sourced from prominent websites such as X (Formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn, according to revelations by security experts.

The discovery was made by cybersecurity researcher Bob Dyachenko, founder of, in collaboration with the team at Cybernews. The leaked database reportedly hosted on an unsecured page, spans an immense 12 terabytes in size. The researchers suspect that the data compilation was orchestrated by either a data broker or a malicious actor with nefarious intentions.

The bulk of the compromised data, a staggering 1.5 billion records, is linked to Chinese social media and gaming giant Tencent. Additionally, 504 million records stem from Weibo, 360 million from MySpace, and 281 million from X. The impact extends to well-known entities such as Adobe, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Telegram, and various government bodies around the globe.

The identity of the perpetrator behind this massive data breach remains shrouded in mystery. According to, while the leaked database contains information from previous breaches, it also harbors entirely new data that has never been disclosed publicly before.

Security experts are sounding the alarm about the potential threats posed by the stolen data. “The stolen data is extremely dangerous as threat actors could leverage it for a range of attacks, from identity theft to targeted cyber attacks,” warn the researchers.

Furthermore, concerns are raised about the likelihood of a surge in credential-stuffing attacks, given that individuals commonly reuse usernames and passwords across multiple platforms. Experts describe the breach as a potential “tsunami” of cyber threats, emphasizing the heightened risk when individuals employ identical credentials for various online services.

As investigations unfold, the cybersecurity community is grappling with the unprecedented scale and implications of what is now being labeled the “Mother of all Breaches.” The need for heightened security measures and increased user awareness has never been more apparent in the face of this monumental data breach.


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