India Urges Diplomacy and Condemns Civilian Deaths in Hamas-Israel Conflict

India has reiterated its “zero tolerance for terrorism” while expressing deep concern over the widespread civilian casualties resulting from the ongoing Hamas-Israel conflict. Speaking at a meeting of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, India’s Permanent Representative, Ruchira Kamboj, emphasized the need for dialogue and diplomacy to resolve the crisis.

“India has a zero-tolerance approach to terrorism,” Kamboj stated unequivocally. “There can be no justification for terrorism and hostage-taking. Our thoughts are with those who have been taken as hostages, and we demand their immediate and unconditional release.”


“This is clearly unacceptable, and we have strongly condemned the death of civilians,” Kamboj declared, highlighting India’s commitment to upholding human rights and condemning acts that put innocent lives at risk.

Rather than taking the podium, Kamboj spoke from India’s seat in the chamber, away from the spotlight. The address took place in response to the UN General Assembly’s resolution, which mandates permanent members to explain their use of vetoes in the Security Council.

“A peaceful resolution of the conflict through dialogue and diplomacy is the only way forward,” Kamboj affirmed. India, while maintaining a principled stance against terrorism, reaffirmed its unwavering support for a two-state solution, envisioning independent nations of Palestine and Israel coexisting side by side in peace.

As the international community grapples with the complexities of the Hamas-Israel conflict, India’s call for dialogue and condemnation of civilian casualties adds another diplomatic voice seeking a peaceful resolution to the longstanding crisis.

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