Illegal Human Plasma and Blood Racket Uncovered by Telangana Drug Control Administration

Human Plasma

In a shocking revelation, the Drug Control Administration (DCA) of Telangana has uncovered a clandestine operation involving the illegal collection, repackaging, and sale of human plasma and whole blood. The racket, which spanned across multiple blood banks in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, was brought to light following extensive raids conducted by DCA teams.

On Friday, DCA officials stormed the premises of Haemo Service Laboratories, situated within a residential building in Bhavani Nagar, Moosapet. What they discovered within was nothing short of appalling. According to DCA reports, the facility was engaged in the unauthorized repacking of human plasma, whole blood, and human serum in highly unsanitary conditions. These repackaged products were then being sold at inflated prices to various entities, operating outside the bounds of legality.

Addressing the media on Friday, V B Kamalasan Reddy, Director General of DCA, condemned the egregious violations uncovered during the raids. “The operation conducted by Haemo Service Laboratories was not only illegal but also posed serious risks to public health,” Reddy stated.

During the raid, DCA officials stumbled upon substantial quantities of human plasma bags, bottles, as well as stocks of human serum and blood, all stored in freezers within the premises. Further investigation revealed that the proprietor of Haemo Service Laboratories, R. Raghavendra Naik, had been running the illicit operation for the past eight years, clandestinely collecting plasma from various blood banks and stockpiling them for unlawful sale.

According to DCA authorities, Naik confessed to procuring human plasma, whole blood, and serum from several blood banks, including Srikara Hospital Blood Bank in Rangareddy district, New Life Blood Center in Hyderabad, and RR Hospital Blood Bank in Kurnool. Over the span of six years since 2016, Naik had amassed more than 6000 units from these blood banks, which he then sold at exorbitant prices, reaping massive profits.

The gravity of the situation was further underscored by the revelation that a single unit of illegally procured Human Plasma (150 ml), which Naik acquired for a mere Rs. 700, was being sold for a staggering Rs. 3,800 to various firms.

In addition to the illegal trafficking of human blood products, DCA officials also uncovered a cache of in-vitro diagnostic kits for diseases such as HIV, HCV, HBsAg, VDRL, and Malarial Parasite, further compounding the severity of the violations.

The exposure of this illicit operation has sent shockwaves through the medical community and raised serious concerns about the regulation and oversight of blood banking practices. The DCA has assured the public that stringent action will be taken against those responsible for this reprehensible racket, emphasizing the need for enhanced vigilance to prevent such flagrant violations of ethical and legal standards in the future.

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