Hyderabad Woman Allegedly Trafficked from Dubai, Stuck in Oman, Receives Shelter from Indian Embassy

In a distressing incident, a 49-year-old woman from Hyderabad, Fareeda Begum, finds herself trapped in Oman after allegedly being trafficked from Dubai under the guise of a job opportunity. The Indian Embassy in Oman has reportedly come to her aid, providing shelter and support following the intervention of Bundi-based activist Charmesh Sharma.

The ordeal began in November of the previous year when Fareeda Begum traveled to Dubai seeking employment through an agent. Unfortunately, her health took a turn for the worse just 21 days into her stay in Dubai. In her compromised state, she was purportedly sent to Muscat for work, according to her sister Famida, who spoke to PTI Videos last week.

Famida expressed deep concern about Fareeda’s deteriorating health, stating, “Her health is continuously deteriorating, and she is unable to even talk on the phone now. I request the Indian Embassy to rescue my sister and bring her back home.”

Activist Charmesh Sharma, known for his work in assisting stranded Indians abroad, took swift action upon learning of Fareeda’s plight. On January 7, Sharma penned letters to the President, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Indian Embassy in Oman. This followed a report by PTI Videos that highlighted the situation.

Sharma alleged that instead of repatriating Fareeda to India when she fell ill, the agent named Shahanaz sent her to Muscat. There, Fareeda allegedly had her mobile phone, passport, and other documents confiscated, and she was reportedly forced to work against her will.

The Indian Embassy in Oman responded promptly to Sharma’s complaint. Pradeep Kumar, the welfare officer at the embassy, informed Sharma on Wednesday that Fareeda had visited the embassy on January 8. Kumar assured Sharma that Fareeda was provided accommodation at the embassy shelter in Muscat, complete with boarding and lodging facilities.

The situation remains delicate as Fareeda’s health continues to decline. The Indian Embassy’s intervention is a crucial lifeline for the distressed woman, offering hope for her safe return home. The embassy is expected to continue its efforts to assist Fareeda and ensure that justice is served against those responsible for her alleged trafficking and exploitation.

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