Hyderabad Police Bust Sex Racket, Rescue 16 Women, and Arrest Alleged Perpetrators

Sex Racket

In a significant operation, the Central Zone Task Force of the Hyderabad police successfully dismantled a sex racket, rescuing 16 women who were victims of human trafficking. The operation, conducted on January 20, targeted a notorious establishment, Fortune Hotel in Ramnagar, leading to the arrest of alleged perpetrators S Akhilesh alias Akhilesh Phailwan, the hotel’s proprietor, and Ragupathi, the manager-cum-receptionist.

The police revealed that the rescued women had been lured to Hyderabad with promises of employment but were instead forced into the flesh trade. The swift action by the authorities ensured the immediate relocation of the victims to safe homes, providing them with the necessary support and care.

Akhilesh and Ragupathi now face charges under Sections 370 and 370A of the Indian Penal Code for human trafficking and exploitation of trafficked persons. These sections carry severe penalties, reflecting the gravity of the offenses committed.

In a further crackdown on the illicit operation, the police arrested four customers and two pimps associated with the sex racket. Authorities stated that the accused had been charging customers exorbitant fees, ranging between Rs 3,000 and Rs 5,000 per hour for the illicit services provided.

As part of the investigation, the police seized 22 mobile phones from the arrested individuals, suggesting a sophisticated network facilitating their illegal activities.

Hyderabad police are sending a stern message against human trafficking and exploitation, emphasizing their commitment to dismantling such criminal networks. The arrested individuals will face legal consequences for their involvement in this heinous crime, and the authorities are determined to ensure justice prevails.

This successful operation highlights the importance of coordinated efforts between law enforcement agencies to combat human trafficking and safeguard the vulnerable from falling victim to such criminal enterprises. The Hyderabad police are urging the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities that could be linked to human trafficking or the sex trade, underscoring the community’s role in ensuring a safer society for all.

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