Historic Delhi Mosque Demolished Without Notice, Sparks Outrage

Historic Delhi Mosque Demolished

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In a shocking turn of events on Tuesday morning, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) swiftly demolished the centuries-old Masjid Akhonji mosque located in Delhi’s Mehrauli area. The demolition, conducted under heavy police presence, has sparked outrage among local residents, mosque-goers, and Madrasa students.

The mosque, which had stood for over 600 years, was razed to the ground without any prior notice, leaving the community in disbelief. Imam Zakir Hussain, in a video circulating online, mourned the loss of the mosque and highlighted its significance. He pointed out that besides serving as a place of worship, the mosque housed the Madrasa Bahrul Uloom where students came to learn, and it also contained sacred graves of revered figures.

According to Imam Hussain, the demolition occurred just before the call to the morning prayers, catching worshippers and residents off guard. He accused DDA officials of carefully removing debris to hide signs of the demolition and forcibly confiscating phones to prevent documentation. The Imam also lamented that authorities did not allow them to salvage copies of the Holy Qur’an before the demolition.

Furthermore, Imam Hussain revealed that not only were sacred artifacts and books within the mosque desecrated, but officials also destroyed belongings and properties of the 22 students studying at the Madrasa. The demolition reportedly took place amidst a significant police presence.

This incident comes as a stark contradiction to assurances previously given by the DDA. In response to a petition by the Delhi Waqf Board, the DDA had assured the Delhi High Court that no mosque, graveyard, or legally owned Waqf property would be demolished in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park.

Online, citizens have decried the demolition as unconstitutional and part of a concerning trend where properties owned by Muslims are selectively targeted. The incident brings to mind recent controversies, including a video posted on social media where Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma boasted about conducting 50,000 demolitions of homes in the state.

As investigations and public outcry intensify, questions arise regarding the accountability of authorities and the protection of religious heritage in the region. The demolition of Masjid Akhonji serves as a stark reminder of the need for transparency, respect for religious diversity, and adherence to the rule of law in matters of public interest.

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