Hindu Mahasabha Leader and Son Accused of Plotting Sham Attack on Own Home

Hindu Mahasabha Leader

In a shocking turn of events, prominent Hindu Mahasabha leader Peril Senthil and his son, Chandru, are facing charges for allegedly fabricating an attack on their own residence. The incident came to light after an intensive investigation by local authorities, which revealed a conspiracy involving the duo and a hired assailant.

According to police reports, Peril Senthil had purportedly engaged the services of Madhavan, a local painter, to carry out the staged attack. The plan involved hurling a petrol bomb at the Senthil residence with the apparent aim of garnering police protection and drawing attention to their cause.

The intricate web of deception began to unravel when Madhavan, the hired painter, came forward and confessed to his involvement in the orchestrated attack. His testimony aligned with the evidence gathered during the investigation, leading to a comprehensive case against Senthil and his son.

Kallakurichi Superintendent of Police, Samay Singh Meena, spearheaded the investigation and, after thorough scrutiny of the evidence, recommended that Peril Senthil and Chandru be charged under the stringent Goondas Act. Subsequently, the orders were served to the father-son duo while they were confined in the Cuddalore Central Prison.

The motive behind the fake attack appears to be multifaceted, involving a bid for police protection and a deliberate effort to attract attention to the duo’s association with the Hindu Mahasabha. The revelation has sent shockwaves through the local community, raising questions about the integrity of leaders and the lengths some may go to achieve their objectives.

Legal proceedings against Peril Senthil and Chandru are expected to unfold in the coming weeks, shedding more light on the intricacies of the alleged conspiracy. The case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability within political and religious organizations, prompting citizens to scrutinize the actions of their leaders more closely.


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