Dubai International Airport (DXB Claims Top Spot as Busiest Airport Worldwide in January 2024

Dubai International Airport

In a recent study conducted by aviation consultancy OAG, Dubai International Airport (DXB) has soared to new heights, securing its position as the world’s busiest airport for the month of January 2024. The report highlights that DXB managed to outpace its global counterparts, boasting a staggering 5 million seats and an international capacity that surpassed the next busiest international airport, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL), by 25 percent.

According to OAG’s findings, DXB’s January 2024 performance marks a significant leap from the same period in the previous year. In January 2023, Dubai International Airport claimed the title of the second busiest global airport. However, in the span of just one year, DXB experienced a remarkable growth trajectory, outstripping its competitors to become the undisputed leader with a total of 56.5 million seats in 2023.

The report sheds light on the impressive transformation and growth witnessed by Dubai’s flagship airport over the past five years. In 2019, DXB held the position of the third busiest airport globally, reflecting the emirate’s strategic investments in infrastructure and aviation.


The Top 10 Busiest Global Airports by Seats in January 2024,

calculated using total frequency (domestic and international), are as follows:

Rank Airport Seats
1 Dubai International Airport 5,033,286
2 Atlanta Hartsfield-jackson International Airport 4,723,550
3 Tokyo International Airport 4,585,857
4 Guangzhou International Airport 4,054,090
5 London Heathrow Airport 4,029,433
6 Dallas Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport 3,927,991
7 Shanghai Pudong International Airport 3,893,289
8 Denver International Airport 3,788,754
9 Istanbul Airport 3,783,517
10 Beijing Capital International Airport 3,779,612

Dubai International Airport’s consistent climb in the global rankings reflects not only the emirate’s strategic geographic location but also its commitment to becoming a central hub for international air travel. As DXB continues to set records and accommodate increasing passenger numbers, the airport’s role as a key player in the global aviation landscape becomes ever more pronounced.

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