Dalit Teen Assaulted for Making Instagram Reels in Rajasthan; Dalit Funds Declared ‘Impure’ for Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir

In a shocking incident that highlights the persisting caste-based discrimination in India, a 17-year-old Dalit boy from Rajasthan’s Ajmer district was allegedly assaulted, verbally abused, and forced to drink urine by three upper-caste men. The reason for the brutal attack? The victim was simply creating Instagram reels in a public space.

The incident took place on January 26 at Ana Sagar Chaupaati, a popular spot for tourists and locals. The victim, engrossed in recording videos, was confronted by three men identified as Pushpendra, Rohit, and Gokul, who demanded he cease filming. The situation escalated rapidly, resulting in a violent assault with sticks and rods. Shockingly, one of the assailants reportedly urinated on the Dalit teenager and forced him to drink it, while hurling casteist slurs.

The horrifying incident came to light when a video of the assault surfaced on social media platforms. Outraged by the brutality, locals and netizens shared the video widely, prompting swift action. An FIR has been registered at the Christian Ganj police station, and the victim’s parents have submitted a formal complaint to the assistant commissioner of police. A case has been filed under the SC/ST Act to ensure justice for the young Dalit victim.

In a separate incident shedding light on the persistent discrimination faced by the Dalit community, reports from Madhya Pradesh’s Mundla village reveal that monetary donations from Dalits were rejected ahead of the inauguration of Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir. The donations, offered as a token of love and respect for the temple, were labeled ‘impure.’

The incident occurred during festive processions before January 22, leading the Dalit community to file a case with the Jhalawar district administration. The community expressed their disappointment at facing discrimination despite contributing to the funds for the construction of the Ram Mandir.

These incidents serve as stark reminders of the deep-rooted caste prejudices that continue to plague Indian society, emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive measures to address and eradicate such acts of discrimination.

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