Controversy Arises Over Mention of ‘Bhagyanagar’ in Secunderabad Club’s Treasure Hunt

A recent treasure hunt organized by the Secunderabad Club has sparked controversy over the inclusion of the term ‘Bhagyanagar’ in one of its clues, igniting a debate about political undertones and historical accuracy. The reference, citing ‘Residence of the rulers of Bhagyanagar’, has drawn attention due to its association with right-wing politics and the ongoing dispute over the name of the city.

The use of ‘Bhagyanagar’ in the clue sheet of the ‘Treasure Hunt 24 Wonder on Wheels’ game has raised eyebrows among some members of the club, who question whether its inclusion was deliberate, particularly in light of escalating communal tensions across India.

Historically, ‘Bhagyanagar’ has been a contentious term, often championed by right-wing groups and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as an alternative name for Hyderabad. This stance stems from a demand to rename the city after the Bhagyalakshmi temple, an unauthorized structure located near the iconic Charminar.

Responding to inquiries, a sub-committee member responsible for entertainment at the Secunderabad Club stated that they do not scrutinize the content of games for political biases, attributing the clue selection to Tibcon, the sponsor of the event. However, some club members contested this explanation, insisting that all game materials are subject to internal review and approval.

Despite assurances that the mention of ‘Bhagyanagar’ was innocuous and merely referenced a local restaurant, skepticism lingers among certain club members. One member, speaking anonymously, criticized the apparent inconsistency in using ‘Hyderabad’ in other clues, suggesting a potential underlying political agenda.

The controversy surrounding ‘Bhagyanagar’ also dredges up the legend of Bhagmati, a figure intertwined with the city’s folklore. According to lore, Bhagmati was a Hindu woman beloved by Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah, the founder of Hyderabad. While historical evidence regarding Bhagmati’s existence remains elusive, her romantic saga persists in local narratives.

A representation of Bhagmati.

The narrative of Bhagmati’s romance with Quli Qutb Shah has been used to justify the renaming of Hyderabad to ‘Bhagnagar’ in some circles. However, this proposal is entangled in political agendas, particularly regarding the unauthorized Bhagyalaxmi temple at Charminar, which lacks historical validation according to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

Activists have highlighted the lack of historical records supporting the existence of the Bhagyalaxmi temple and the renaming of Hyderabad to ‘Bhagyanagar’. The ASI’s response to inquiries regarding these matters underscores the absence of concrete evidence, further muddying the waters of this contentious debate.

In essence, the inclusion of ‘Bhagyanagar’ in the Secunderabad Club’s treasure hunt has reignited discussions about the city’s historical narrative and its entanglement with contemporary politics. While some view it as harmless wordplay, others perceive it as a reflection of deeper ideological currents, underscoring the enduring potency of historical symbolism in shaping modern discourse.

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