Controversial Film “Annapoorani” Faces Backlash and Removal from Netflix


In a turn of events, the recently released film “Annapoorani,” starring lady superstar Nayanthara, has ignited a storm of controversy and backlash on social media for what some are calling ‘anti-Hindu scenes.’ The movie, which premiered on December 1 and began streaming on Netflix on December 29, has prompted a police case and heated protests.

The plot of “Annapoorani” revolves around the daughter of a Hindu priest, played by Nayanthara, aspiring to become a renowned chef. As part of her culinary journey, she participates in a national-level cooking competition where she prepares a dish involving meat. This particular storyline has sparked outrage among Hindu communities, with many deeming it offensive to their religious sentiments.

The criticism reached a boiling point when Vishwa Hindu Parishad leaders staged a protest last Wednesday outside the Netflix office in Mumbai, expressing their displeasure with the streaming platform. Slogans against Netflix were raised, and demands were made for the removal of the controversial film.

In response to the mounting pressure and the filing of an FIR against the movie makers in Madhya Pradesh, Netflix decided to take down “Annapoorani” from its OTT platform. The move came after widespread complaints were filed by various Hindu communities across different locations.

Zee Studios, the co-producers of the film, recently issued an apology in light of the controversy. They clarified that “Annapoorani” was not created with the intention of hurting the sentiments of Hindus and Brahmins. The production house acknowledged the concerns raised by the audience and assured that the film would not return to Netflix until the contentious scenes were edited out.

The removal of “Annapoorani” from the streaming platform has reignited debates about creative freedom and the responsibility filmmakers hold in portraying sensitive topics. As discussions continue, the incident serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between artistic expression and cultural sensitivity in the realm of entertainment.

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