Cloud-based smartphone app APhone debuts on Solana

APhone, a device-agnostic Web-based virtual phone app that redefines the web3 mobile experience, announced its official launch via the Solana ecosystem today — providing users an affordable way of engaging with web3 applications without hardware limitations.

The initial launch on Solana will see it tap into a Web3 ecosystem with over 500 Web3 apps, games, NFTs, DeFi protocols, millions of users, and smooth, stutter-free performance.

APhone comes pre-installed with top blockchain apps such as Magic Eden, OKX, Bybit, as well as games, including HoneyLand, Mighty Action Heroes and Warpcast. APhone NFTs, which give users access to the in-app experience, can be minted and activated (burned) directly on the Solana chain.

Jennifer Booze, Former Global Head of Business Development at Polygon, who now leads Ecosystem Development & Growth for APhone said: “We’re delighted to launch on Solana and support challenging the duopoly of Google Play and Apple’s App Store, whilst promoting self-custody and open platforms for crypto. We’re here to help provide greater accessibility to capture the growing interest in web3 and crypto.”

As an affordable Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN)-powered virtual mobile phone app, charging $20 per year, APhone bypasses the hardware limitations of older phone models and enables access to Solana’s DePIN ecosystem, where GPU, storage, and RAM are essential for seamless functionality. APhone will enable access to several key DePIN projects on Solana, including Helium, which rewards users for providing network coverage and validating transactions.

APhone is looking to deliver cloud-based GPU compute to ensure greater reach, stability and accessibility across regions, especially in emerging markets. The app is available for $20 annually. Additionally, as part of the main net launch on Solana, APhone will offer select Solana Mobile users discounted access to APhone.

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