Chandrababu Naidu Secures Anticipatory Bail in Inner Ring Road, Liquor, and Sand Policy Cases

Former Chief Minister and TDP Supremo Gets Relief in Inner Ring Road, Liquor, and Sand Policy Cases

In a significant legal development, the Andhra Pradesh High Court granted anticipatory bail to Telugu Desam Party (TDP) supremo and former Chief Minister, Nara Chandrababu Naidu, in connection with three cases filed against him. The cases revolve around alleged irregularities in the alignment of the Inner Ring Road (IRR), as well as controversies related to the state’s Liquor Policy and Sand Policy.

The decision, delivered on Wednesday, comes as a relief to the seasoned politician, who has consistently maintained his innocence in these matters. The anticipatory bail allows Naidu to avoid arrest while the investigations into these cases continue.

The first case pertains to alleged irregularities in the alignment of the Inner Ring Road (IRR). Authorities have raised concerns about the planning and execution of the project, leading to legal scrutiny of Naidu’s role during his tenure as Chief Minister.

The second case involves the state’s Liquor Policy, with allegations of impropriety and irregularities during the formulation and implementation of the policy. Naidu has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, asserting that the policies were in the public interest.

The third case revolves around the Sand Policy, where accusations of irregularities in the allocation and regulation of sand mining have been leveled against the former Chief Minister. Naidu, in response, has maintained that the policies were transparent and aimed at ensuring sustainable sand mining practices.

In addition to Chandrababu Naidu, the High Court also granted anticipatory bail to former Excise Minister Kollu Ravindra in connection with the Liquor Policy case. Ravindra, a prominent TDP leader, had faced allegations related to his role in the formulation and execution of the state’s liquor regulations.

The High Court’s decision is expected to have political ramifications, given Chandrababu Naidu’s stature in Andhra Pradesh politics. The TDP supremo has been a central figure in the state’s political landscape for decades and has served as Chief Minister multiple times.

The legal proceedings will continue, with the court emphasizing that the grant of anticipatory bail does not absolve the accused of their responsibilities and that they must cooperate with the ongoing investigations. As the cases progress, the political and legal communities will be closely watching the developments surrounding these high-profile matters.

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