CARS24 launches Driver-on-Demand service

CARS24 has announced the launch of its innovative driver-on-demand service, Autopilot. This service aims to revolutionise the way people travel by providing a seamless and convenient solution to meet their transportation needs, the company shared.

Autopilot is the result of CARS24’s deep understanding of customer preferences and evolving trends in the automotive industry. Recognising the changing dynamics of driving, where it has shifted from being a pleasure to a necessity, CARS24 developed Autopilot to offer a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience.

Vikram Chopra, Co-Founder & CEO of CARS24, speaking on the announcement said “Autopilot is our response to what our users have been seeking—a travel option that’s simpler, more enjoyable, and devoid of the usual chaos. We recognize that for many, the act of driving has shifted from a pleasure to a mere necessity. This is why we are launching Autopilot, not just as another service, but as a refreshing alternative. It’s about delivering ‘smiles per mile.’ For us, it means enhancing their journeys, ensuring they’re imbued with the distinct CARS24 touch. My commitment to our customers is clear: Autopilot is more than a route to their destination; it’s our way of making every part of their journey memorable and enjoyable.”

Autopilot eliminates the complexities associated with traditional driving solutions. With just a few taps on the CARS24 app, customers can summon a professional driver to their location within minutes, ready to take them to their destination in the comfort and safety of their own cars. The service offers competitive pricing starting at Rs149 for an hour, making it accessible to a wide range of users, CARS24 app shared.

Initially launched in Gurugram, Autopilot is set expand to other major cities, offering a safe and reliable travel option to more people. Beyond convenience, Autopilot also contributes to safer roads by reducing incidents of drowsy and drunk driving, while providing a valuable income source for professional drivers.

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