Bigg Boss 17 Nears Grand Finale with Salman Khan Raking in a Whopping Rs 144 Crores

Bigg Boss 17

As the much-anticipated grand finale of Bigg Boss 17 approaches on January 28, the spotlight is not only on the contestants vying for the coveted trophy but also on the charismatic host Salman Khan, who is reportedly taking home a staggering paycheck of Rs 144 crores for the season.

While the show gears up to unveil its top 6 finalists from the remaining 8 contestants, the talk of the town revolves around Salman Khan’s eye-watering earnings. Contrary to expectations of a celebrity contestant being the highest-paid, it is none other than Salman Khan himself who has secured the top spot in the financial hierarchy of Bigg Boss 17.

Salman Khan, an integral part of the Bigg Boss franchise, brings his unique charm and mass appeal to each season. For Bigg Boss 17, the actor is said to be earning a jaw-dropping Rs 6 crores per episode, solidifying his position as one of the highest-paid hosts in the Indian television industry.

Salman Khan’s Staggering Paycheck

The Jaw-Dropping Fee for Hosting Bigg Boss 17 Revealed!

The season, which kicked off on October 15, has seen a total of 14 weekend ka vaars so far. Notably, Salman Khan took a break from his hosting duties for two weekends, during which he was temporarily replaced by the renowned filmmaker Karan Johar. Speculations suggest that Salman Khan’s total earnings for the 12 weeks of hosting could reach a colossal Rs 144 crores. While the exact figure remains confidential, industry insiders affirm a significant increase in Salman Khan’s remuneration compared to his previous seasons.

As the grand finale looms closer, the remaining contestants battling for the winner’s trophy include Munawar Faruqui, Mannara Chopra, Arun Srikanth Mashettey, Abhishek Kumar, Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, Ayesha Khan, and Isha Malviya. Bigg Boss enthusiasts are on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating who will emerge victorious this year.

With just a week left until the grand finale, the excitement and speculation around Bigg Boss 17 continue to grow, adding to the anticipation of fans eager to witness the crowning of the ultimate champion.


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