Youtuber arrested for performing stunts on roads of Noida

Youtuber Nizamul Khan has been arrested for performing stunts on the roads of Noida. He was arrested from Sector 63, Noida. He was performing stunts with his girlfriend on the highway. He posted the video of the stunt on his social media. The cops are now trying to find the person who was recording the video.

The Youtuber was performing stunts on KTM Duke 250 which is also seized by the police. This is not the first time that Nizamul has been arrested. Before this, he was arrested in 2020 because of allegations of murdering the brother of his girlfriend. However, later on, he was released after the order of the Allahabad court.

The cops have now started using videos and images from social media and cameras as proof. The same thing has happened with Nizamul. The videos of stunts that he posted on his social media were used against him as proof. Even some cops wear a body cam whose footage is also used as proof. The police would simply issue a challan and the violates could even end up in jail.

Stunt with Mahindra Thar lands 18-year old in jail

Just a few days back, an 18-year old youngster was arrested for performing stunts with his Mahindra Thar. He was driving the SUV and swinging a baseball bat out of the window. The video went viral on various social media platforms and the cops arrested him by using the same video as proof.

The SUV was towed to the police station by Uttar Pradesh Police. The police arrested the youngster and put him in jail. The incident happened in Sector 24 of Noida. Later on, the cops shared a clip in which the youngster can be seen apologizing and promising to never repeat the act.

Needless to say that stunting on public roads is not a good idea. If caught police will book the stunt performer for rash and dangerous driving. Stunts can distract other people also which means their concentration level while driving will decrease and they might end up in an accident.  Moreover, stunting in general is not safe.

If a person needs to perform stunts then it should happen on a closed private property. Even then he should wear full riding gear to protect himself in case something goes wrong. In the video, uploaded by Nizamul Khan we can see him performing stunts without any gear on public roads. We can see that neither he nor his girlfriend is wearing a helmet. So, in case the motorcycle went out of control, both of them could have suffered some serious injuries.

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