Why will farmers voluntarily give up their land, asks HC

Is the Telangana government ready to pay market rate of the land as compensation, asks court

Expressing bewilderment over the contentions of the State government that four farmers “voluntarily relinquished rights over their lands” in Siddipet district, Telangana High Court on Thursday sought to know what compensation would be offered to them.

A bench of Chief Justice Hima Kohli and Justice B. Vijaysen Reddy wondered why would a poor farmer voluntarily forego rights over his land, after Special Government Pleader Harinder Pershad said the farmers came forward to give away the land. The farmers were given assigned pattas over six acres of agriculture land in different survey numbers of Kondapaka mandal in Siddipet district in late 80s.

A year ago revenue authorities told the farmers that the land was allotted to others and hence they had to evacuate it. Challenging this, they moved the HC. A single judge passed an order declaring that the farmers had no rights on the said land since they voluntarily gave up their rights over it.

Questioning the single judge order, the farmers filed an appeal before the bench led by the CJ. During the arguments, the SGP reiterated that the petitioners on their own relinquished their rights over the land on which government’s double bedroom project was taken up.

“Why would anyone voluntarily forego rights over his land? Did it happen in any part of the country? It was unheard of..” observed Justice B. Vijaysen Reddy. The CJ sought to know if the government was ready to offer any compensation to the ryots even if they relinquished rights over the lands voluntarily.

The SGP said the government was ready to pay the cost of the land to the farmers. But was the government ready to pay the market rate of the land to the farmers, the bench asked. Taking into consideration the SGP’s contentions, the bench directed the district Collector to hold consultations with the farmers on June 10 over the compensation to be paid.

The matter was posted to June 21 for next hearing.

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