Watch | Why are Hyderabad’s rock formations disappearing?

COVID 19 Updates Watch | Why are Hyderabad’s rock formations disappearing?

Rock formations as old as 2500 million years are being destroyed and made into homes in Hyderabad. These rock formations are older than dinosaurs or even the Himalayas. But today, they are villas with pools priced at around Rs.10 crore

Like in every metro city, Hyderabad’s real estate is growing rapidly. While this removes lakes, parks and greenery, rocks are vanishing from the city.

The prehistoric rock formations in Hyderabad have been disappearing for over 30 years now.

This has been a topic of concern for many nature lovers and geology enthusiasts.

Frauka Quader started the Society to Save Rocks. She has been campaigning since 1992.

Her biggest success has been inclusion of rock precincts as protected areas under Regulation 13 of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority in 1997.

But 25 years later, the landscape she fought to protect has vanished.

Few gigantic rock formations, some of them even perched on top of each other can still be found in Hyderabad. One such cluster is known as the Khajaguda Hills.

In 2019, The Society to Save Rocks paused the destruction of the Khajaguda Hills in 2019. Now, post the pandemic, it has resumed.

An apartment block is coming up on the western side of this rock formation. It has a price tag of Rs. 1.12 crore for a 1326 square feet apartment.

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