Uncle Samsik teaser: Parasite star Song Kang Ho teams up with Byun Yo Han

A new poster and teaser of the upcoming K-drama Uncle Samsik is out. The 1960s set show features Parasite star Song Kang Ho and Mr. Sunshine actor Byun Yo Han.

The teaser of Uncle Samsik opens with people searching for the titular character. We then see Song Kang Ho’s Park Doo Chil explain that he is Uncle Samsik. We then meet a series of ambitious characters including Byun Yo Han’s Kim San. As their paths collide, the former tells the latter, “I have one talent. I can give you everything.”

Check it out here:

The teaser does a good job of building intrigue as Uncle Samsik and Kim San raise a toast for their ambitious plan.

Uncle Samsik consists of 16 episodes. The show will arrive on OTT on May 15, 2024.

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