Thousands Flock to Worship ‘COVID-Curing Angels’ in MP; Case Filed

Thousands Flock to Worship ‘COVID-Curing Angels’ in MP; Case Filed

Video Editor: Rahul Sanpui

Just as the Madhya Pradesh administration lifted some lockdown restrictions, on 1 June, a gathering of thousands of people in Rajgarh district showed how easily we tend to forget the horrors of COVID – particularly the second wave, that hasn’t even completely subsided yet.

In Chatukheda village, about 15 km away from the district headquarters of Rajgarh, two women claimed to have been possessed by ‘holy angels’ and propagated the false belief that those supernatural spirits bestowed ‘COVID-19 immunity’ on worshippers.

According to locals, on 1 June, the two women allegedly claimed that they were possessed by ‘holy angels’ and it was said that their blessing would cure COVID patients, as well as give lifetime ‘immunity’ against the virus to the worshippers. 

As word spread, thousands from nearby areas flocked to the temple premises of Chatukheda to consume the ‘holy water’ and worship the ‘COVID-curing angels.’

Reports say these women, disguised as angels, sprinkled water on the worshippers and the ‘holy water’ was offered to drink for gaining ‘COVID immunity’.

Remarkably, hardly any of the people present in the crowd were seen wearing a mask. Social distancing was also out of the question.

As the video of the gathering went viral, police registered a case against four, including a woman, for violating COVID protocols.

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