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Tesla Power India Pvt. Ltd. and E-Ashwa Automotive have joined forces to unveil India’s first electric two-wheeler (e2W) equipped with a built-in fire suppressant system.

Abhinav Bhadola of E-Ashwa Automotive, speaking on the collaboration, stated, “We are proud to partner with Tesla Power India to bring this advanced and safe electric vehicle to the Indian market,” said Mr. Abhinav Bhadola of E-Ashwa Automotive. “Our joint effort will set new safety and technology standards for EV 2W in India.”

Kavinder Khurana, Managing Director at Tesla Power India commented “Our collaboration with E-Ashwa Automotive is exciting. We’re eager to make a positive impact on India’s EV market with vehicles that are not only environmentally friendly but also safer than ever.”

In addition to introducing innovative safety features, the partnership ensures that owners of these new EVs will benefit from extensive sales and service networks throughout India, the companies shared.

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