Take inspiration from Basara students

COVID 19 Updates Take inspiration from Basara students

Congress senior leader and former MP Madhu Yashki Goud congratulated the students of Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies (RGUKT) at Basara on getting their problems being addressed by the government with peaceful protests for one week.

“The students of RGUKT made the society to regain the strength to voice its problems, which has lost its voice. Conditions similar to those at Basara IIIT have been prevailing in all the universities across the state with lack of required number of faculty and basic facilities: 848 posts in Osmania, 403 posts at Kakatiya, 115 posts at Mahatma Gandhi, 100 posts at Shatavahana, 130 posts at Palamur and 75 posts at Shalivahana are laying vacant for the past several years,” said Mr Madhu Yashki adding that the students in universities should agitate in peaceful manner to solve their problems taking the inspiration from the Basara students.

Crime Today News | Hyderabad


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