Oman Takes Bold Step to Safeguard Public Health: Ban on E-cigarettes, Hookahs, and Accessories

In a move aimed at prioritizing public health, the Sultanate of Oman has officially prohibited the use and trade of electronic cigarettes, hookahs, and their associated accessories. The decision comes as part of Ministerial Decision No. 756/2023, recently issued by Sulayem bin Ali Al-Hakmani, the Chairman of the Consumer Protection Authority.

The ban encompasses the manufacturing, import, sale, and distribution of electronic cigarettes, commonly known as e-cigarettes or vapes, along with traditional hookahs and their accessories. The decision reflects the government’s commitment to addressing the potential health risks associated with these products.

To enforce this prohibition effectively, the Consumer Protection Authority has established stringent penalties for violators. Individuals or businesses found in violation of the ban face an administrative fine of up to 1,000 Omani Riyal (equivalent to Rs 2,15,833). The penalty for repeated offenses will be doubled, sending a clear message about the seriousness of the restrictions.

To further discourage non-compliance, the authority has imposed a daily fine of 50 Omani Riyals (Rs 10,791) for ongoing violations, with the cumulative fines not exceeding 2,000 Omani Riyals (Rs 4,31,667). This financial deterrent aims to ensure strict adherence to the ban and discourage any attempts to flout the new regulations.

In a bold display of commitment to eradicating these products from the market, the Consumer Protection Authority has announced that all confiscated items will be systematically destroyed. This underscores a zero-tolerance policy towards the trade and use of electronic cigarettes, hookahs, and their accessories within the borders of Oman.

The decision aligns with global efforts to regulate and restrict the use of vaping products and other smoking alternatives due to growing concerns about their health implications, especially among the youth. Oman’s proactive approach to safeguarding public health by implementing such bans reflects a commitment to fostering a healthier society and reducing the potential risks associated with these products. As the Sultanate takes this significant step, it remains to be seen how other nations may follow suit in addressing the challenges posed by emerging smoking alternatives.

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