NGT order violated at Gouravelli: oustees

COVID 19 Updates NGT order violated at Gouravelli: oustees

The oustees of Gudatipally village in Akkannapet mandal of Siddipet district are alleging that the government has violated the orders of National Green Tribunal (NGT) and it has no right to perform works till all the payments were cleared.

“Since the Ministry of Environment and Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) has taken cognizance of the alleged violation said to have been committed by the State and initiated proceedings under Section of 5 of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, by issuing show-cause notice, we feel that there is no necessity for this Tribunal to proceed with the matter and leave open the regulators to take appropriate action against the project proponent on the basis of inquiry to be conducted by them which must also include revisiting on the question of environmental compensation considering the gravity of violations committed on account of the proceeding with the project by the project proponent and also conduct of the project proponent both the present and past in respective of this project as well as other projects undertaken by them and violation of EIA Notification, 2006, the nature of the damage caused and the cost of restoration required while assessing the environmental compensation and pass appropriate orders in accordance with law without much delay,” read the NGT order issued on February 10, 2022.

It has further stated: “Since the MoEF&CC has come to the conclusion that on the basis of material collected by them that the present project requires further environmental clearance, the State of Telangana is restrained from proceeding with the project further till the proceedings initiated by MoEF&CC is completed.”

The case before NGT was filed by Baddam Raji Reddy, Baddam Yella Reddy, Gurram Raji Reddy, Uske Singireddy Tirumal Reddy and Gurram Raja Reddy.

Referring to the order, the oustees are claiming that the state authorities are violating NGT orders. They have also said that government could not force the oustees without paying them compensation.

In a related development, two persons – Baddam Shankar Reddy, Angeti Tirupathi Reddy – were arrested by the police and sent in remand on Saturday. With this those sent in remand reached four with the arrest of Ragi Srinivas and Bhukya Sakru two days ago.

It was informed that cases were registered against as many as 17 persons including the four sent in remand at Karimnagar jail.

Cases were registered against them under Section 143, 147, 148, 332, 333, 324, 326, 341, 353, 294 (b) read with 149 IPC, according to sources.

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