Mutton sale down by 50% during lockdown

‘Restaurants, food stalls near liquor stores seeing a drastic fall in customers’

The four-hour window to buy essential supplies during the lockdown has led to a rush of buyers at mutton shops.

But, while the seemingly large number of customers may give an impression that these shops are doing brisk business, the reality is quite different.

Those in the mutton business for the past five generations like J Khadeer Miya from J Babu Miya and Sons in Monda Market, Secunderabad, say that business, in fact, has dropped by at least 50%. This is because restaurants and food stalls near liquor stores are seeing a drastic reduction in customers due to the lockdown.

“On regular days, restaurants buy large quantities of mutton on Sunday. But with the lockdown, there appears to be a big drop in sale. Other buyers are these small food stalls near liquor stores where people go for dinner after having a drink. These are also closed. We are seeing a large drop in orders from restaurants. This is partly a reason for the drop in sale of mutton by about 50%,” Mr. Miya, who is a member of the Jamiatul Quresh Secunderabad, a body of butchers and mutton sellers, said.

As on Sunday, the price per kg mutton with bones is ₹740, and boneless is ₹900.

“The 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. relaxation is proving to be inadequate, and leading to traffic snarls near markets, with several customers having to leave empty handed,” he said. These timings have made it difficult to maintain social distancing also.

“Not all customers can wake up at 5.30 a.m. and reach the shop at 6 a.m. ,” Mr. Miya added.



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