Kalliyoor in Thiruvananthapuram ready for unprecedented harvest of ‘kanivellari’

Kanivellari is an integral part of Vishukkani.
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Vishu is incomplete with kanivellari or the golden cucumber. It is a must in Vishukkani, the resplendent arrangement that one has to see as the first thing on Vishu day.

Since this cucumber variety is not commonly cultivated in Thiruvananthapuram, it usually arrives in tonnes from northern districts during Vishu. However, this year, Kalliyoor, the district’s vegetable and plantain cultivation hub, has cultivated kanivellari.

“We have been planning to grow it for some time and it has materialised this year. Three krishikkoottams (farming collectives) in Kalliyoor have cultivated it on two acres. The first batch will be harvested on April 12,” says Swapna C, agricultural officer, Kalliyoor Krishi Bhavan.

The Krishi Bhavan is eyeing the online market, mainly through its brand, Kalliyoor Greens. It will also be available in the eco shop run by the Krishi Bhavan. “Kanivellari is in demand only during Vishu and so we have cultivated it in a limited area. We expect to harvest 7,000-8,000 kilograms,” she says. The cucumber is being sold as part of the kit comprising items required to arrange the Vishukkani.

Swapna adds that it is difficult to cultivate the crop especially when the temperature is this high. “The farmers were not very keen about cultivating it because it has a season-specific market and there is less demand as few people cook with it. But this time the farmers were willing to do it once they were assured of online and offline sales,” Swapna adds.

A farmer from Kalliyoor in his kanivellari farm

A farmer from Kalliyoor in his kanivellari farm
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Krishikkoottam is a state-wide initiative of the Kerala Government’s Department of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare to promote farming in households. There are 212 Krishikkoottams in Kalliyoor spread across 21 wards in this panchayat.

This year the Krishikkoottams have cultivated vegetables in 10 hectares eyeing the Vishu market.

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