Jana Kramer in Tears Following a ‘Blow Up’ Fight with Mike Caussin


When getting candid about her marriage to her athlete husband, the former ‘One Tree Hill’ star reminds her Instagram followers that ‘no relationship is perfect.’

Jana Kramer has gotten candid about the ugly side of her marriage to husband Mike Caussin. When revealing that she once had a “blow up” fight with the retired NFL player, the former “One Tree Hill” could not help but admit that the particular incident reduced her to tears.

On Tuesday, March 22, the 37-year-old star shared on Instagram a snap of herself crying. “Nothing is perfect,” she wrote in the caption. “This was a few weeks ago in Canada. I took this picture to almost remind myself that even though in the moment it seems like everything is doomed it’s not. We talked about our blow up on this weeks podcast and I think it’s an important one for everyone to hear.”

“No relationship is perfect and when blow ups or fights happen sometimes we believe it’s done and over but really it’s a moment for growth and more understanding and to lean into your partner,” the country singer added. “Now when you’re in the middle of the fire it’s hard to lean in and see that but just know it’s not the end of the world. And we all have these moments so ur not alone. Fights happen.”

Before concluding her message, the “Dancing with the Stars” alum emphasized that “no relationship is perfect.” She further stressed, “Now the Important thing is in the end are you fighting the good fight together? Link in stories to hear more…ur not alone in ur struggles xo.”

Jana and Mike, who wed in 2015, dished on their fight in an episode of their “Whine Down” podcast. On what led to the heated arguments, Mike admitted that he was feeling frustrated taking care of the kids while his wife was filming a movie in Canada. “I think no matter what going into a situation like that, you’re accepting your roles,” he first told her.

“Just like when there’s someone in a relationship that stays home with the kids all day, [and someone who] is going to work,” the former athlete further explained. “[They] come home, and they’re tired from work, the other one is tired with the kids, and it’s that kind of push and pull, ‘Who’s more tired?’ So I think there’s some of that light resentment.”

“You’re freaking exhausted, you’re working all day,” the father of two added. “You maybe needed more things from me, and then I’m with the kids, and it was hard just to pop by and see you from time to time … I think there was some of that, and the fact that we weren’t able to see each other and connect … I felt like [there was] lack of respect for what I was doing.”

Jana recalled that Mike said some “mean words” to her during the fight. “The words are what have stayed with me and you don’t mean those but they are the worst things that stay with someone… I said mean things but you cut deep,” she pointed out. “I’m like high school mean. You’re like [X-rated] mean. Neither are right.”

In response to Jana’s statement, Mike elaborated, “You and I are different. You’ve said some mean words and mean things to me and I don’t hold onto those like you do but we’re different people and that’s okay.” He then stressed, “It’s just me trying to force the upper hand or force respect, which is just a bad way to do it.”