Israel to Dissolve Knesset: Can Netanyahu Return Amidst the Political Deadlock?

COVID 19 Updates Israel to Dissolve Knesset: Can Netanyahu Return Amidst the Political Deadlock?

The political events of this past week in Israel mean that Benjamin Netanyahu, belonging to the Likud party, who is currently the leader of the opposition, can return to power.

In April 2020, Netanyahu had formed an “emergency” coalition government with Benny Gantz, considered to be his main rival at the time.

That alliance, however, lasted for only seven months, given that the coalition failed to pass the budget in the Knesset.

Elections were held in March 2021 and Netanyahu’s party emerged as the single-largest party with 30 seats. But he could not gather enough support for a coalition, and Lapid’s party, with 17 seats, emerged as the largest party that formed the governing coalition.

Now, even that coalition has fallen apart. Netanyahu has to win enough defectors to form a majority when the floor vote takes place.

Most polls currently say that Netanyahu’s Likud will be the single-largest party, but none say that it will gain a majority with at least 61 seats.

The question, which applies to Lapid as well, is that if his party gets the most seats, can he stitch up a stable coalition, or will we see another political deadlock?

Given the ongoing investigation into alleged bribery and fraud against Netanyahu, who has also been indicted regarding the same, many politicians in the Israeli right-wing have grown disenchanted with him.

For example, Gideon Sa’ar, who heads the rightwing party called New Hope, said on the radio yesterday, “I won’t be bringing [Netanyahu] back.”

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