Indigo says its food follows FSSAI norms after Foodpharmer claimed high sodium in upma, dal chawal

In a recent social media uproar, popular health influencer Revant Himatsingka, also known as Food Pharmer, sparked controversy with his review of the food served onboard IndiGo flights. Himatsingka’s viral video raised concerns about the sodium content in certain pre-packaged meals offered by the airline.

“IndiGo serves fresh and pre-packaged food only from the most reputed vendors. All food served on board IndiGo flights carries details on ingredients and nutritional information as per FSSAI norms,” the company stated.

The influencer’s scrutiny revealed that some of the ready-to-eat options, including upma, poha, and dal chawal, contained significantly higher sodium levels than Maggi noodles, a well-known high-sodium product. Himatsingka’s findings ignited discussions on social media platforms, with many passengers expressing worries about the health implications of consuming such meals during flights.

“Most of us already know that Maggi is a high-sodium food! What most don’t know is that Indigo’s Magic Upma has 50 per cent more sodium than Maggi, Indigo’s Poha has ~83 per cent more sodium than Maggi, and Daal Chawal has as much sodium as Maggi,” wrote Himatsingka while sharing a video on X.

Responding to the viral video, IndiGo issued a statement reaffirming its commitment to providing safe and nutritious food options to passengers. The airline stressed that all food served onboard adheres to strict quality standards and carries detailed nutritional information as per FSSAI regulations.

IndiGo clarified that while some pre-packaged products are prepared according to traditional Indian recipes, the salt content remains within prescribed limits. The nutritional information displayed on the packaging serves as guidance for passengers to make informed decisions about their dietary preferences.

Furthermore, IndiGo reiterated its dedication to customer feedback and continuous improvement, aiming to offer an affordable, punctual, and hassle-free flying experience.

In light of the controversy, Himatsingka suggested two alternatives for IndiGo travelers: bringing homemade food or opting for healthier snack options available onboard.

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