India Has Some Historic Cricket Grounds, Says Harbhajan Singh

COVID 19 Updates India Has Some Historic Cricket Grounds, Says Harbhajan Singh

When asked how he feels something like this fits into the Indian sporting ecosystem, where there are plenty of passionate fans, especially with regards to cricket.

“I think it’s a great sort of combination of everything on one plate. Fanatic Sports has been there for many years and they are organising these tours for people who not just want to see the game, but also want to experience different things. So, Fanatic organises everything for them, from hotels to tours to see matches and the experience of the whole place where the matches are happening,” he said.

Harbhajan also spoke about how sporting history can be a source of attraction too.

“We definitely have great grounds, even in India. We talk about the Eden Gardens, the Wankhede, the Feroz Shah Kotla (Arun Jaitley Stadium) and a lot of old grounds where we have a lot of history. Of course, if we can have those sorts of museums out there and if we can organise a lot of tours coming here, this could also be a great. They are trying to bring fans closer to the game. Fans come to see the game, but after the game, what else do they have to see in the stadium? There has to be some museum, something they can relate to. They can take back not only the things they have seen in the park but also a great experience after a match. When I went to the Lord’s, I had seen the museum. I had seen a lot of history, like who played when and who scored when. So it’s a sort of great experience for all the fans,” he signed off.

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