India growing when world is in stress: CII president-designate Sanjiv Puri

Sanjiv Puri, president-designate of leading industry body CII, said that India is growing when the world is going through a phase of stress.

Speaking at an event here on Friday night, Puri, also the chairman and managing director of ITC Limited, said that the present juncture is an interesting moment.

“CII has a rich legacy built over decades. We will certainly be looking forward to contributing to the growth of the economy and industry”, Puri said.

He said, “This is also an interesting moment because this is India’s moment. There have been numerous policy interventions made internally and the global factors which give us the tailwinds. The country is growing at a time when the world is at stress.” Puri said that there are lots of opportunities in India which has a huge talent pool. “The world is looking at us so far as supply chain and digital transformation are concerned. India also has the advantage of the demographic dividend”, he added.

He said big opportunities lay both in services and manufacturing. “The country needs to harness these opportunities. Reforms agenda to accelerate and enterprises need to play competitiveness”, Puri said.

Puri stressed the need for an inclusive and sustainable growth which is important to create livelihoods.

“Industry can survive when society thrives. Decarbonisation will address the issue the climate change but will take time. Enterprises and government need to work together”, he said.

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