Hyderabad woman weaves chain snatching story

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A woman from Domalguda lied to her family that her gold chain was snatched away near Old MLA quarters and left the Narayanaguda police groping in the dark by lodging a complaint of chain-snatching in less than 45 minutes.

But it was not long before the police realized that her three tola chain was not snatched and Saritha was weaving a cock and bull story to protect herself from her husband and other family members.

Saritha, who works at a jewellery shop at Hyderguda was returning home from work as usual on Monday. Around 5.30 p.m. she approached Narayanaguda police stating that at 4.45 p.m. a man on a motorcycle came from behind and snatched her chain.

Considering it as a daylight robbery, cops soon rushed to the spot to investigate and analyzed the video footage of surveillance cameras in the area. Within no time they have realized that Saritha had taken them for a ride, who in reality had pledged her chain with a friend for some amount.

“She is not revealing why she pledged the chain and lied to us and her family. To get away from the act she had committed and save her own skin from the family members, Saritha cooked up the story of chain snatching and lodged a complaint with us,” inspector Bhupati Gattu Mallu said.

He said that they have recovered the chain, and gave it back to her and her family.

“No case was registered,” Mr. Gattu Mallu said.

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