Don’t be Ashamed, Support With Whole Heart: Laxmi’s Guide to Being a Trans Ally

COVID 19 Updates Don't be Ashamed, Support With Whole Heart: Laxmi's Guide to Being a Trans Ally

4. Do not Judge

By asking a transgender person what’s between their legs, you will definitely come across as judgemental. Hence, Tripathi suggests that it’s best to listen to the person with an open mind and keep one’s own biases and notions aside.

It’s good to be cautiously curious, but too much curiosity “may hurt the trust of that person” and turn the conversation about what you want to know, as opposed to what the person coming out wants to say.

The key, as Tripathi points out, is to keep in mind that the conversation is about the person confiding in, not about the person listening in.

5. Educate Yourselves

Not everyone is equally aware of what the term transgender really means, let alone the realities that transgender individuals may face in their day to day lives. But that’s not an excuse for refusing to read up on the matter.

If someone comes out to you, you may seek help from “community-based organisations like United Nations Development Programme UNAID, and many other UN agencies,” says Tripathi.

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