Distribution of Anandaiah’s herbal preparation from Monday

With the State government giving its green signal following the A.P. High Court’s intervention, the stage is set for the distribution of three variants of B. Anandaiah’s herbal preparation from Monday.

Mr. Anandaiah has made elaborate arrangements for procuring the ingredients through his network of volunteers.

The government, however, withheld permission for the eye drops, pending studies by experts on its efficacy.

‘Bhoomi puja’ was performed for the temporary sheds at Krishnapatnam on Saturday with the blessings of Sri Govindananda Saraswati Swami of Hampi, who wished speedy recovery for those seeking it.

COVID-19 protocol

The district administration, with a view to avoiding crowding at the village and in adherence to the COVID-19 protocols, made arrangements for the distribution of the herbal preparation in a decentralised manner.

It appealed to the people from other places not to rush to Nellore, or Krishnapatnam, in view of the threat of second wave of the pandemic, and instead seek the preparation online from Nellore District Collector K.V.N. Chakradhar Babu.

The website for the purpose would be announced later, YSRCP’s Sarvepalli MLA Kakani Govardhan Reddy said.

The district administration would arrange for the distribution of the herbal preparation in other districts with the help of the officials there, he added. Preference would first be given to the COVID-19 patients and later to others seeking it as an immunity booster, he made it clear.

The demand within the Sarvepalli Assembly segment would first be met, Mr. Anandaiah said.

TDP charge

Meanwhile, TDP Polit Bureau member Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy demanded action against those who had floated a website, allegedly with the backing of the ruling YSRCP functionaries, for making a fast buck by arranging supply of the preparation through courier at a hefty price.

He threatened to lodge a complaint with the police cyber crime police if the government failed to take action immediately.

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