Continuous use of pesticides and insecticides in growing vegetables is spiking the cancer cases: Experts

A continuous use of pesticides and insecticides leads to a rise in cancer cases, according to experts.

At a workshop organised by the Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FTCCI) on Rooftop Kitchen Gardening in Red Hill premises, on Saturday Chandan Mohan Sriram, Chairman of the Agro and Food Processing Committee, said, “Pesticides and insecticides didn’t exist three decades ago, before the Green revolution. Now, a farmer uses 50-60 bags of pesticide based on the cultivability of the land. A vegetable crop is exposed to multiple forms of toxic chemicals to increase productivity and improve colour and freshness. This leads to cancer diseases. Oncology, as a medical speciality was non-existent 30 years ago. Today, we have infused zinc into our soil and are eating it.”

The workshop’s main purpose was to raise awareness of deploying organic ways of farming and provide a forum to exchange ideas for learning about organic rooftop farming.

“Israel, a country with inadequate water and land resources, is marvelling in horticulture production and export”, he said. “So does Kenya. We can do it too. We need to encourage Rooftop Kitchen Gardening in our city.”

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